About Laurel Twist & Co.

Laurel Twist & Co. began as a creative outlet in my 400 square foot studio apartment in South Austin, where I packed card orders on my multi-purpose coffee/desk/dinner table. Exhausted by the overly cheesy (and long-winded) greeting cards found at the grocery store, my goal was simple: to create delightfully honest greetings.

Now, visit the shop and you’ll find greeting cards, invitations, and apparel. Laurel Twist & Co. aims to inspire the celebration of everything, from your average Tuesday to baby showers to weddings. Check back often, as we are regularly expanding our product offerings!


About Laurel

Hi, I'm Laurel, the founder and creative designer behind Laurel Twist & Co. Born and raised in Michigan, I relocated to Austin, TX in search of sunshine, a creative community, and experiencing life in a new place.

In my free time, you can find me overworking my KitchenAid as I experiment with new confections, walking around Lady Bird “Lake” (aka the Colorado River. Come to Michigan and I’ll show you a lake, Texas!) with my husband, or negotiating fourth-meal with my French Bulldog, Oliver Twist.

Please fill out my contact form for custom requests, I look forward to having a conversation with you! Visit our wholesale page for wholesale inquiries.

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